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Tips to Stop the Lost Keys Epidemic

Are you one of those people who simply cannot remember where you put your keys? Are you constantly fumbling through your purse or pockets trying to remember the last place you had your keys and sometimes left waiting for someone to bail you out? It happens to the best of us. Hopefully the issue is forgetfulness rather than a theft, but either way, there are things you can do to start making it easier to remember where your keys are.

Here are some tips to stop the lost key epidemic once and for all.

Get Organized

With the New Year coming, now’s a perfect time to make a resolution to get organized in 2018. Nothing will help you keep better track of your things than being organized. Once you have a dedicated place for everything you own and can get into a habit or always placing those things in their dedicated area, you’ll notice less clutter and chaos and you’ll even start to remember exactly where to locate items, like your keys, when you need them.

Key Hooks & Trays

In line with the idea of getting organized, you may also want to try having a dedicated area for your keys like hooks or trays located where you enter and exit. This makes it easy to grab and go and saves time.  If you have lots of keys consider color coding them with keycaps or simply coloring the top of the key with nail polish or permanent markers to save time.

New Technology

Thanks to new gadgets and technological innovation, there are now solutions to help you with lost keys. Many work by tracking Bluetooth chips and signals much like a mobile device, so you can see literally where your keys may be in an area on a map.

Contact a Locksmith

Even if you’ve tried some of these tips before but still can’t seem to remember your keys and your friends are tired of coming to bail you out, fear not. Locksmiths are the perfect solution for all of your lockout needs.

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Contact us if you’ve lost your keys and need to get in, we’ll be right over.

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