Are You Storing These Documents in a Fireproof Safe? You Should Be!

Gardall GF-6040Preparing for tragedy is a pretty difficult task because the uncertainty of when these situations will occur is what makes them so devastating. Still there are things you can do to prepare in advance for the unfortunate event such as a fire in your home to protect your valuable assets and important documents.

Getting a fireproof safe is a pretty standard item for homeowners. But you might want to consider some of the documents you should also be keeping in the fireproof safe for added security.

Personal Identification

Birth certificates, social security cards and passports are important self-identifying items that you’ll need handy in the case of emergencies and for travel and other official proof so it’s important to keep them safe in case of a fire or other hazard.

If you’ve ever needed to get new copies of these documents again, you know just how much work is involved in proving who you are without these pieces of identification. You’ll also want to protect your identity from thieves as well and the best way to do so is to lock such documents and sensitive information in a safety box only you have access to.


Things like living wills, deeds and other large contracts should also be stored in this safe place since they contain important information for your future and to protect you.

Other paper work that falls in line with this to consider includes retirement plan papers and insurance documents which you’ll want to have handy in case an incident should come up.

Financial Statements

Keeping your bonds and stocks safe is a no-brainer. It’s the only way to protect your money and assets from harm and be able to find them easily again years later when they are finally ready to be cashed in.

A picture of a photo album with sentimental photographs in it. Sentimental Items

We do so much online today that we sometimes forget that just like paper, access to sentimental value items such as family photos, can be a detrimental loss. One way to protect these items you hold close to your heart is to ensure you have them stores on a hard copy file or thumbdrive and kept in a fireproof box for safe keeping and storage. Unlike the other items you might be able to get again, these are usually irreplaceable.

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