What to Do If You Lost Your Car’s Key Fob

A Mercedes car key fob

Losing your car keys is never an enjoyable experience. Trying to retrace your steps, wondering how you’ll get home and worry over who may now have keys to get into your home are all nerve wracking.

This problem is further complicated if your car is newer. Most cars today include a special key fob to help prevent theft. These key fobs are usually programmed to work with each car and include a sensor inside the car’s battery box that will send a signal for the car to start.

It’s also the reason getting a remote car starter installed on your car usually leads to a spare key needed, or why many cars offer a special valet key to limit access.

Your car dealer probably also made it a point to remind you when purchasing the car that losing or breaking these keys would be a costly replacement.

If you’ve lost your car’s key fob, don’t panic. Here are a few things you can do right away to gain peace of mind.

Check Warranty

If you have access to the inside of your car or hopefully have kept paperwork separate, try to find out if your replacement is covered under your warranty or if your car insurance plan includes coverage for this issue before you come out of pocket.

Find Aftermarket Replacement

Before you head out to the dealership and pay top dollar for OEM parts, you can hop online to sites like eBay that have numerous aftermarket products sold for far less cost and are still compatible. Search for the year make and model of your car and see if there are any options that you’ll be able to purchase and maybe reprogram yourself.

Call a Locksmith

Calling a locksmith is a secure and easy way to regain access to your car in a crunch. They are usually working around the clock and will come out to you in emergency lockout situations. Locksmiths are also specialized in rekeying locks and some also rekey car ignitions so that you have a new operational set of keys that someone else out there does not have.

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