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Everything Businesses Should Know About Keyless Entry Systems

When locks are put on doors they are put there with the purpose of stopping unrestricted access to what is on the other side and so only those with a key can enter. It may be to protect your personal property, valuables or even your businesses trade secrets. When those locks are broken or tampered with, a sense of betrayal and fear sets in. But what if there’s no key to use in the first place? This is the route many businesses are going today to add another layer of security for their premises.

Keyless entry systems use another method to grant entry. That could be unique pass codes, RFID tags on badges or even fingerprints to allow access to a building or even something like a server room where more sensitive equipment is stored.

Here are 3 reasons keyless locks are a smart move for your business.

Gain Control of Site Access

One of the most beneficial things that come along with keyless entry systems is the ability to add or restrict access for each user. That means not having to chase down old employees for their copy of the keys as well as seeing who specifically is coming and going from the location at any given time.

Eliminate Hardware Replacement Needs

In addition to better monitoring of traffic through a building, keyless access systems don’t require new locks to be made if a key is lost or stolen (since there isn’t a key). This also saves businesses money on having to replace locks or other hardware each time there is an issue. Instead, the keyless systems can just be reprogrammed on an as needed basis and right from the office.

Peace of Mind

Nothing is of more value to a business owner than peace of mind that added security brings. Businesses are already up against the competition and working hard to succeed, the last thing they need is someone who shouldn’t be inside their building getting in and stealing sensitive information or data.

If you want to upgrade the security at your business, contact All American Locksmiths and we’ll help you implement your own keyless entry/access control system so you can enjoy the peace of mind that only our licensed and experienced locksmiths to businesses throughout the western, central, and coastal counties of Connecticut.

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