When Should You Consider Rekeying Your Home?

A key next to a lock cylinder.
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Feeling safe is a basic human desire. Knowing you can come home to relax and escape the rest of the world in your own, safe dwelling is something everyone looks forward to when they purchase a home.

But what good is a home if we don’t feel safe there? Not even when the doors are locked? Whether you’ve lost the key, had a burglary occur, or you’re unsure of who may have access to your home, there are options to regaining your peace of mind. And it doesn’t have to be complicated or pricey to fix.

Instead of going out and having to get all new locks, you can have a locksmith come and rekey your home.

Knowing that these locks were specially designed gives you a new peace of mind to sleep at night and to know your family and valuable items are all protected.

Here are some reasons you should consider rekeying your home.

New Home Owner

One of the main reasons you might want to consider rekeying your home is if you recently took over ownership of a home from someone else. There’s never any telling who else may have a copy of the keys and for landlords and tenants this is even a law in some states. Even if your home is brand new and just built, there is also a chance that contractor keys still work, so better safe than sorry. Rather than going around the whole house and purchasing and changing all of the hardware, which can be costly, a locksmith will come out to you and handle the rekeying needed to ensure your new dwelling place can only be accessed by you.

Wear and Tear

Normal wear and tear from years of use can also occur and make entering your home a frustrating process. Keys and locks that have been used for 30 years or more eventually get worn down from use and no longer properly open or lock. If the key itself not longer fits to the inside of the lock, or if the lock continues to jam upon use, you’ll want to have your home rekeyed to avoid the frustration of having to spend more than a second to come and go.


Fewer things are more frightening in life than having a burglary occur in your home. While these devastating situations are unavoidable and recovering from the ordeal can take time, getting your home rekeyed is an immediate way to bring a sense of security back to your life.

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