The Best Places to Keep a Safe In Your Home

A wall safe opened to reveal liquor bottles in the background.

Deciding to get a safe for your home is one of the greatest investments you’ll make when it comes to peace of mind. Not just protecting your valuables from thieves, but fireproof safes are also important to keep critical documents secure in case of a fire, and protecting items like guns from getting into the wrong hands is especially an important feature.

One thing you may not have considered though, is where you’re going to put the safe. You might be thinking about a secret, hard to find location, or you may be thinking about how heavy it is, either way, you’ll want to have a plan in place for where you keep the safe in your home and consider how easy it is to access.


Larger safes that store a variety of items in them are typically heavier in weight. These safes can be impossible to carry alone, and very large ones can weigh up to 1 thousand pounds requiring they be kept at a ground level area. Smaller safes can be kept in a drawer or closet and are sometimes purchased for specific store ideas. So you would have a small safe just for your jewels, another just for documents, and one specifically for any weapons or harmful chemical storage.

Ease of Access

Before you start thinking about top secret locations where no one will find your safe, don’t forget it will most likely have a lock, passcode or some other secure entry method anyways, so hiding it isn’t totally necessary. Plus if you’ll forget where it is, or it’s out of your reach in an emergency, then it doesn’t really serve it’s purpose anyways. Think about keeping the safe in an area related to the inside contents. If you have a safe with guns or other weapons you’ll want to get to in an emergency – maybe keeping it in the bedroom, or near a hallway would make the most sense. This way it is still out of plain sight, but not so far away it’s impossible to get to. The important thing here is to always make sure the safe is locked and that no one especially children, can gain access to it.

Consider the Contents

Thinking about what’s inside the safe is an important aspect to finding the perfect location. If you’ve purchased a safe to hold your expensive jewels, maybe it would be most convenient to keep that safe near a dressing table or in a closet, so when you needed something in it, you could easily get to it. Or, if you have purchase a safe to keep important documents like passports and birth certificates, maybe keeping the safe in an office, or your desk drawer is your first thought – but some experts recommend that fireproof safes be placed on a cement floor for the best protection. Knowing this, you would perhaps choose the garage or basement for this safe. Working with a professional is the best way to get advice on where to place a safe in your home so that it will have maximum benefit to you.

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