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3 Reasons to Get New Keys Even If You Haven’t Lost Them

Being a property owner is an important responsibility. Whether you just bought your first home, your first car, or you manage a condominium of apartments, ensuring the privacy and security of valuables is part of the gig.

In addition to managing and keeping tabs on keys, there are additional steps you can take to further protect your belongings, family and your tenants. Here are 3 reasons you should consider getting new keys, even if you haven’t lost them.

Possible Copies

When you purchase something as large as a house or car that was previously owned by someone else, it’s important to keep your security in mind. Consider the fact that someone may have maliciously made copies of the keys in an effort to come back later and commit a theft or crime. Or perhaps someone from the previous owners past still has a copy lingering around they forgot all about. The best way to protect your peace of mind and your property is to get new keys made that you know for sure only you have access to.

Unknown History

Just like you might not know the history of who has copies of your keys, there is also wear and tear you may not be aware of. The older keys get, the more they are susceptible to breaking inside of a lock. Before that can happen, get new keys. For property owners it’s even the law in some states to have new keys made each time a tenant changes.

Added Protection

When shopping around to have your new keys made, you can also do some research on locksmith services and find a professional locksmith to keep in your contact list. The chances of a lockout or lost key happening are pretty high. There’s always going to be an occasion when we may be in a rush and lock the keys on the other side of the door or leave with a friend and lock ourselves out of our own homes. Having an established relationship with a locksmith will reassure you during these intense situations that regaining access to your property is handled promptly and in confidence.

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