The Importance of Properly Installed Strike Plates

a closeup photo of silver door handle and deadbolt lock on black door

Crime rates are on the rise today. While unfortunate, it’s the reality many communities are now faced with. As a direct result, people are having to setup security cameras on their properties and remember to lock their car doors and homes at night.

While this is the unfortunate circumstances many communities are now dealing with, being vigilant about locks can help keep property safe and offer peace of mind to sleep comfortably.

In addition to quality locks and deadbolts, there is also an importance behind proper installation. Strike plates make it possible for shut doors to stay closed and not swing open. They are also one of the main pieces of an operating door to be damaged in a burglary. Read more “The Importance of Properly Installed Strike Plates”

The Best Places to Keep a Safe In Your Home

A wall safe opened to reveal liquor bottles in the background.

Deciding to get a safe for your home is one of the greatest investments you’ll make when it comes to peace of mind. Not just protecting your valuables from thieves, but fireproof safes are also important to keep critical documents secure in case of a fire, and protecting items like guns from getting into the wrong hands is especially an important feature.

One thing you may not have considered though, is where you’re going to put the safe. You might be thinking about a secret, hard to find location, or you may be thinking about how heavy it is, either way, you’ll want to have a plan in place for where you keep the safe in your home and consider how easy it is to access. Read more “The Best Places to Keep a Safe In Your Home”

When Should You Consider Rekeying Your Home?

A key next to a lock cylinder.
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Creative Commons

Feeling safe is a basic human desire. Knowing you can come home to relax and escape the rest of the world in your own, safe dwelling is something everyone looks forward to when they purchase a home.

But what good is a home if we don’t feel safe there? Not even when the doors are locked? Whether you’ve lost the key, had a burglary occur, or you’re unsure of who may have access to your home, there are options to regaining your peace of mind. And it doesn’t have to be complicated or pricey to fix.

Instead of going out and having to get all new locks, you can have a locksmith come and rekey your home.

Knowing that these locks were specially designed gives you a new peace of mind to sleep at night and to know your family and valuable items are all protected.

Here are some reasons you should consider rekeying your home. Read more “When Should You Consider Rekeying Your Home?”